Thursday, September 16, 2010

How To Eat Crayfish The Swedish Way

1. You start with the claws. grab the little critter and twist off the claw from the joint underneath the claw.

2. Crack the claw, the shell is pretty soft so you can use your molars to crack the surface. Pull out the moving part of the claw and if you are a veteran the meat will come out with it. Otherwise dig in with your finger to reach the goodness. I usually use a claw and use it to scrape out the meat with.

3. Next step is to lift the top of the "hood", once open in a 45 degree angle put your Aquavit moistened lips around the opening and suck out the nectar. After you sucked the little one dry you hold the head and tail and with a twisting motion pull head and tail apart.

4. Now take a look inside the head if see some orange small balls you have struck gold, this the roe or eggs and is a delicacy scope them out and eat, enhance the flavor with a shot of aquavit. If you see something yellowish you have found another delicacy, this is the crayfish butter scoop out that too and enjoy the smooth buttery flavor.

5. Time to wrestle the tail. Hold the tail with the belly towards you and bend back the hard shell that surrounds the perimeter of the tail. Start from the top on each side and work you way half way down.

6. Now the tail meat should be loose enough that you can pull it straight out. I can highly recommend to take a shot of aquavit and then directly follow with the tail. The salty sweetness of the tail when you bite in to it while the aquavit flavor still lingering in the mouth is absolute crayfish nirvana.

I also recommend to always have an extra tail resting on the plate for whenever the host calls for a shot. That will set for a constant crayfish high.

We will of course start of with a demo, but go through the steps and you will be as good as any veteran around the table.


Swedish Crayfish Party Guidelines

Remember we will hold the party no matter what weather it is, sun, rain snow the party will happen. Dress as needed. We have 600 square foot of tents.

1. For you who doesn't know, this is a sit down dinner so you have to be on time, WE START AT 5 PM you can come earlier but please do not be late.

2. This is an invitation only sit down dinner which means we only have food, drinks and chairs for the people that are invited. DO NOT bring anyone who is not on the invitation. If you want to have a friend join us after the dinner please let us now and we send them an invitation to the after dinner party.

3. Once we sit down and start the dinner no one can leave the table until all Crayfish and all Aquavit is consumed.

4. The shot classes are hand crafted out of ice, the rule is if it starts to leak, drink your shot, throw the glass away and request a new glass.

5. When the host starts to sing the Schnapps song you sing with him and at the end of the song everyone has to do a shot.

6. In between song shots is highly recommended so don't hesitate to ask for a new shot glass and do a shot with your friends.

7. New for this year we are introducing random seating, you will get a number, sit down at the corresponding number at the table. This is in the true spirit of the Swedish Crayfish Party to make new friends that you can change the experience with.

8. If you are Rookie follow the lead of our many veterans they know all the moves and will get you up to speed in no time.

9. If you are a veteran make sure to help out all the rookies you have around you.

10. We have 14 bottles of different aquavit for everyone to get a taste of all of them once you had a shot, pass the bottle over to the next group so they can have some. Don't worry they are all great.

11. Any other Guidelines I make up as we go :)

If you have any questions please let us know.

Menu for the afterparty

Do you know how much ribs, steak, pork and chicken it takes to feed an aquavit laced crowd.... 67.5 a half pounds this year we will serve up the following;
Our Traditional Short Ribs
Asian inspired beef satay skewers
Thin Sliced Steak marinated in a bitter orange and garlic based marinade
Thin sliced Pork loin marinated in a chipotle marinade
Chicken legs in marinated in a chipotle marinade
Thin Sliced chicken marinated in an Asian inspired marinade
On the side we will serve grilled plantains, rice, quinoa, peppers, corn, salad and for the sweet tooth some bananas.
We will also have a Blue Cheese steak sauce, Tsatziki and Chimichurri.
I also heard that Cynthia's famous Cheese Rice might make an appearance.

And that's it I hope you will enjoy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Third After Dinner Shot Is Now Picked

To make sure that we will have a smooth evening we will serve up a Lube Job. It is a wonderful shot that should keep you loose during the night.

We will of course serve it up in shot glasses so you don't have to drink it straight out of the bottle.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Crayfish And Aquavit Has Arrived!!!!

That's right the guests of honor has arrived. This year we are sporting 44 pounds of Crayfish cooked in Sweden and imported to the US. We will also be serving 14 different aquavit's and on top of that they are ALL great.

Do you even know how lucky you are? And by the way NO one leaves the table until all Aquavit and Crayfish has been devoured.

Second After Dinner Shot is Picked

As you all now it gets a little chilly after the sun goes down and we run out of Aquavit, to help you all stay warm the second shot we will run after dinner is....

Anti-Freeze, which promises to keep your blood going for hours more.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swedish Crayfish Party 2010 Clothes Are Released

Finally we got 2010 collection up for sale. This year we have the Class Of 2009 group picture, The new to be classic Slippery when wet design, and our traditional One Magic Night collection. It is variety of T-Shirts, tank tops, hoodies and baby dolls to choose from. Just click this link to get to the store. All proceeds goes to the party. You will also find previous years clothes including the legendary Warren shirt and more. I hope you will all enjoy. Any questions, you know where to find me.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First After Dinner Shot Has Been Choosen

For years we haven't had one visiting the Swedish Crayfish Party and that is just way to long. So this year I will bring a Red Headed Slut to the party for everyone to enjoy. The very popular Red Headed Slut is fine mix of Cranberry Juice, Jagermeister and Peach Schnapps. Enjoy!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Swedish Crayfish Party 2010

Thats right the date is set! The 18th of September at 5 pm we will tap the kegs, pour the aquavit and suck the heads of the crayfish. The first round of invitations are out so if you got one make sure to answer quickly, just like last year the seating is limited to 50.