Thursday, September 16, 2010

How To Eat Crayfish The Swedish Way

1. You start with the claws. grab the little critter and twist off the claw from the joint underneath the claw.

2. Crack the claw, the shell is pretty soft so you can use your molars to crack the surface. Pull out the moving part of the claw and if you are a veteran the meat will come out with it. Otherwise dig in with your finger to reach the goodness. I usually use a claw and use it to scrape out the meat with.

3. Next step is to lift the top of the "hood", once open in a 45 degree angle put your Aquavit moistened lips around the opening and suck out the nectar. After you sucked the little one dry you hold the head and tail and with a twisting motion pull head and tail apart.

4. Now take a look inside the head if see some orange small balls you have struck gold, this the roe or eggs and is a delicacy scope them out and eat, enhance the flavor with a shot of aquavit. If you see something yellowish you have found another delicacy, this is the crayfish butter scoop out that too and enjoy the smooth buttery flavor.

5. Time to wrestle the tail. Hold the tail with the belly towards you and bend back the hard shell that surrounds the perimeter of the tail. Start from the top on each side and work you way half way down.

6. Now the tail meat should be loose enough that you can pull it straight out. I can highly recommend to take a shot of aquavit and then directly follow with the tail. The salty sweetness of the tail when you bite in to it while the aquavit flavor still lingering in the mouth is absolute crayfish nirvana.

I also recommend to always have an extra tail resting on the plate for whenever the host calls for a shot. That will set for a constant crayfish high.

We will of course start of with a demo, but go through the steps and you will be as good as any veteran around the table.


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