Thursday, September 16, 2010

Menu for the afterparty

Do you know how much ribs, steak, pork and chicken it takes to feed an aquavit laced crowd.... 67.5 a half pounds this year we will serve up the following;
Our Traditional Short Ribs
Asian inspired beef satay skewers
Thin Sliced Steak marinated in a bitter orange and garlic based marinade
Thin sliced Pork loin marinated in a chipotle marinade
Chicken legs in marinated in a chipotle marinade
Thin Sliced chicken marinated in an Asian inspired marinade
On the side we will serve grilled plantains, rice, quinoa, peppers, corn, salad and for the sweet tooth some bananas.
We will also have a Blue Cheese steak sauce, Tsatziki and Chimichurri.
I also heard that Cynthia's famous Cheese Rice might make an appearance.

And that's it I hope you will enjoy!

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