Thursday, September 16, 2010

Swedish Crayfish Party Guidelines

Remember we will hold the party no matter what weather it is, sun, rain snow the party will happen. Dress as needed. We have 600 square foot of tents.

1. For you who doesn't know, this is a sit down dinner so you have to be on time, WE START AT 5 PM you can come earlier but please do not be late.

2. This is an invitation only sit down dinner which means we only have food, drinks and chairs for the people that are invited. DO NOT bring anyone who is not on the invitation. If you want to have a friend join us after the dinner please let us now and we send them an invitation to the after dinner party.

3. Once we sit down and start the dinner no one can leave the table until all Crayfish and all Aquavit is consumed.

4. The shot classes are hand crafted out of ice, the rule is if it starts to leak, drink your shot, throw the glass away and request a new glass.

5. When the host starts to sing the Schnapps song you sing with him and at the end of the song everyone has to do a shot.

6. In between song shots is highly recommended so don't hesitate to ask for a new shot glass and do a shot with your friends.

7. New for this year we are introducing random seating, you will get a number, sit down at the corresponding number at the table. This is in the true spirit of the Swedish Crayfish Party to make new friends that you can change the experience with.

8. If you are Rookie follow the lead of our many veterans they know all the moves and will get you up to speed in no time.

9. If you are a veteran make sure to help out all the rookies you have around you.

10. We have 14 bottles of different aquavit for everyone to get a taste of all of them once you had a shot, pass the bottle over to the next group so they can have some. Don't worry they are all great.

11. Any other Guidelines I make up as we go :)

If you have any questions please let us know.

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